This Nojito is one for your taste buds! With no Booze, Seedlip's Grove 42 is full of Orange and Mandarin peel & pith top notes with juicy Blood Orange undertones. Clean fresh notes of ginger and lemon grass work to create the ultimate Nojito!

Garden Caesar

The Garden 108 from our friends at Seedlip, is used to bring this Caesar to life. A non-alcoholic spirit that bursts with clean, fresh herbal flavours. Used with Carrol & Co Bloody Mix, you also get a kick of spice and horseradish!

Choosing to not drink tonight, you can still have an #e11evenbetter evening with this 0 ABV Cocktail!

Bourbon Blossom Mule

No better Mule in the city! Don't believe us? Give this a try.

The undertones of Ketel One’s cucumber and fresh garden mint vodka blended with Bulleit Bourbon work together to create a Mule that will leave your palette refreshed and enlightened.

The Cathedral

The bottles used in the creation of this cocktail are all stained and as beautiful as the windows in a Cathedral. Gin, Cocchi Rosa, Cremede Violette, and Chartreuse create a light lilac color. Although dainty in color, this cocktail comes with a subtle punch in flavor.

And, yes! That is a smoking Rosemary.

Seniorita Rosa

A play on the Clover Club,Señorita Rosa, translating to Pink Lady is the perfect cocktail to start andcontinue your evening with. Making for a trifecta of flavours; the raspberry, pisco and lemon go extremely well together enhancing the notes of fruit and citrus that are present. This is the ultimate #e11evenbetter Instagram cocktail. Pretty and delicate.


Invented by master mixologist Sam Ross, this drink is aptlynamed. Penicillin Cocktail takes the warming, soothing flavors of our housemade honey ginger syrup and lemon juice which is then fortified with a gooddose of scotch whisky.

And as if that isn't enough, the drink is topped with a thinpour of headily aromatic Laphroaig, which makes this drink the perfectantidote for a cold winter day!

Mr. Manhattan

The New Yorker’s Manhattan. Stirred. Bulleit Bourbon, Averna Amaro, Dolin's Sweet Vermouth and peach bitters.